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Weras Ganga Storm Water Drainage & Environment Improvement Project

Weras Ganga basin plays an important role as a center of economic and social activity and provision of housing for the people of Colombo Metropolitan region.  Some part of this basin are centers of industrial and commercial activities and other sections have been characterized mainly as residential areas and the potential for residential development is high due to urban sprawl Phenomena from Colombo and migration from other areas of Sri Lanka.  The area surrounding Weras Ganga provides a water front environment and is a popular area for recreational activities as well as residential development.  As there is no proper drainage system is available this basin has been subjected to heavy flood during most of the time of the year.   Therefore urgent necessity of proper drainage system has been identified and Weras Ganga basin storm water drainage & environment improvement project was initiated. Implementation of this project promotes sustainable development activities and enhances environment improvement which will promote tourism industry mainly with the protection of Attidiya Bird Sanctuary and Bolgoda canal.  Project activities has been divided in to two stages as phase I & phase II.  Phase I contain the development of Nugegoda Rattanapitiya Ela, Boralesgamuwa North & South Canals, Maha Ela, Dredging of Weras Ganga and improvement of drainage system of Bolgoda marsh.

The approval of cabinet of Ministers was granted on 24.02.2010 under a Memorandum No. 2010/CP/11 for this project.  MOU has been signed with China Machinery Equipment Corporation (CMEC) & Ministry of Defence on 22nd September 2011 and the conceptual drawings prepared by SLLRDC has been submitted to CMEC on 07th August 2011 for detail designs and expected to complete the detail design in January 2012.

Phase I has been scheduled to commence within the 1st quarter of year 2012 and the project cost is Rs.8,000Mn.  It is schedule to obtain Rs.6,800Mn as foreign funds and  the balance Rs. 1,200Mn will be funded by the Government of Sri Lanka Construction period of phase I is about 36 months.