Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation

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Completed Reclamation Client’s Project.

This project was implemented to development work of the land for office of the Public Service Commission at Battaramulla.  Scope of this project was Land Development work with Imported Gravelly Earth, Supplying and laying Turfing (Canal Bank) , Construction  of  Drain –Canals and Box Culverts, Dredging of Canal and construction of Access Road to the development area etc.

Client : Public Service Commission
Estimated Value : Rs. 14.51 Mn

The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 74.87 million and the work commenced in May 2012. This project was completed March 2013. Main objects are flood mitigation in the area and enhance environment beautification. Canal bank protection with Gabion walls, construction of silt traps and beautification works are the main components of this project.

The Urban Development Authority has awarded a contract to the Corporation for preparation of land and improvement of drainage system for a construction of proposed Sports Complex at a Estimated cost of Rs. 50.13 (Including Additional works) million.

This Project was implemented to mitigate the flood problem at Modarawila area. In this project we have dredged and widening the canal system and constructed the crossing structures.  The estimated value of the above project is Rs. 20.27 million and the work commenced in July 2012 and completed in December 2012.

The Department of Sports Development has awarded a contract to the Corporation for preparation of land for athletic and foot ball ground, construction of drains and culverts (under Phase-I area) and forming of flood detention pond at a cost of Rs. 298.0 million.

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