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Planning & Business Development Division


Head of the Division :
Deputy General Manager - Planning and Business Development Division
Contact No : 011-2 868395
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Due to competitive and changing market forced the SLLRDC to form Planning & Business Development Division (P&BD Division) in February 2016 and continues fruitfully via supporting new and existing business actions all the way through better planning & implementation.

Main functions of P&BD Division are,

  1. Planning & Progress Monitoring of projects undertaken by the SLLRDC.
  2. Business Development Activities.

Planning and Progress Monitoring

  • Obtaining information from all other Divisions connected to evolution of treasury funded projects & client projects, etc.
  • Coordinating with the Ministry and revising if necessary.
  • Evaluating current progress of ongoing Projects and providing necessary advice to the Senior Management for decision making purposes.

Business Development Activities

  • Identifying new revenue generating opportunities and appraising new proposals submitted by future investors, which are expected to bring potential advantages to the general public as well as to the SLLRDC. Evaluation and submission of rational reports to the important proposals to the senior management team. After necessary improvement, execute via vital action.
  • Monitoring and carrying out essential changes on current income generating projects.
  • Off-shore sand [Sanstha Weli] mining and sale
අවසන් යාවත්කාලීන කිරීම 2017 පෙබරවාරි 17 වෙනි සිකුරාදා, 09:16