Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation

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Head of the Division : Eng. S P Muthumala

Deputy General Manager (Drainage & Reclamation)
Contact No : 0094 112 862058 / 0094 0112886965
E- mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Senior Management

  • Deputy General Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Chief Engineer


Workforce Involvement

Technical and other staff

  • Senior Engineers
  • Engineers
  • Engineering Assistants
  • Field Officers
  • Field Assistants
  • Work Supervisors
  • Minor Supervisors
  • Skilled and unskilled  Laborers

Services provided

  • Development of land with Drainage facilities for housing & commercial purposes
  • Supply off shore sand to the Construction Industry

Key Maintenance Activities

  • Surface cleaning of canals
  • Keep the canal outfalls at Dehiwela and Wellawatta free of obstruction.
  • Dredging canals to required depths and remove of dredged material to suitable sites
  • Removal of all debris on canal banks, service roads and side drains
  • Follow-up with CEA to control pollution of canal waters




Canal Maintenance

  • Maintenance of major & minor canals, in and around Colombo since 1979
  • Identification of unauthorized constructions and encroachments on canal reservations and removal of such structures
  • Development of marshy and low lying areas declared under section 2 of corporation act, mainly for housing and
    commercial purposes

The division consist of four Regional offices at Orugodawatta (Colombo North), Kirimandala Mawatha (Colombo East),
Kirulapone (Colombo South) and Muthurajawela to maintenece of major and minor canals in and around Colombo.

The division is also responsible for the Rehabilitation and Maintenance work of the Colombo -Puttalam Canal &
Hamilton Canal, which comes under the Treasury Grant Project. The work is programmed and executed according to the
annual allocation of funds.

Issues identified in canal systems

  • Dumping of refuse and human waste into the canals leading to blockage and an unhealthy environment
  • Growth of aquatic weeds, salvinia, water hyacinth which obstructs the flow of water.
  • Limited access to the canals for maintenance
  • Encroachment into the canals and reservations
  • Siltation of canals with time and disposal of garbage into canals
  • Unsatisfactory outlet conditions
  • Insufficient canal and drain sections in some areas
  • Erosion due to lack of satisfactory canal protection
  • Unplanned reclamation of low lying lands
  • Inefficient system performance
  • Hostility of residents in areas where essential work is carried out

1 Mahawatta Canal Ayurweda Hospital  Cotta Road to Kolonnawa North connection 1.71 Km
2 Serpentine Canal Pelangasthuduwa Lake to Baseline Road Dematagoda 1.50 Km
3 Dematagoda Canal Kolonnawa North connection to St Sebastian South, North Connection 3.40 Km
4 Kolonnawa North Canal Dematagoda Canal Connection to Madinnagoda Bridge 0.57 Km
5 St Sebastian South Canal South lock to Dematagoda St Sebastian North Connection 1.80 Km
6 St Sebastian North Canal Dematagoda  St Sebastian South  Canal Connection to Kelani River 1.42 Km
7 St Sebastian East canal St Sebastian North Connection to Avissawella  Road 1.25 Km
8 Main Drain St Sebastian North Canal to Sea Outfall Aluthmawatha 1.69 Km

Main Drain Canal Dematagoda Canal
Mahawatta Canal Main Drain Connection Canal
Kolonnawa North Canal Uttarananda Mawatha Canal

1 Kirulapone  Canal Pagoda Wetland Park to Polhengoda Bridge 1.80 Km
2 Kotte Canal Parliament Road Bridge to Pagoda Wetland Park 1.61 Km
3 Heen Ela Royal Park to Nawala Lanka Wall Tile 2.78 Km
4 Heen Ela Connection Gateway College to  Royal Park 0.92 Km
5 Torrington Canal Heen Ela Lake to Army Hospital (Near RMV) 0.84 Km
6 Torrington North Canal Bauddhaloka Mawatha (In front of CECB) to Army Hospital  (Near RMV) 0.89 Km
7 Torrington South Canal Army Hospital  (Near RMV) to Torrington Avenue 0.78 Km
8 Kolonnawa Canal Sri Jayawardenapura Mawatha To Yakbedda Bridge 0.87 Km
Kirulapone Canal Torrington North
Pagoda Park Peripheral Canal Gamagewatta Perpheral Canal
Heen Ela Heen Ela Marsh

Canal Sections
1 Kirulapone Canal Polhengoda Road Bridge to Wellawatta bifurcation 0.74 Km
2 Wellawatta Canal Wellawatta Bifurcation to Wellawatta Outfall 1.82Km
3 Dehiwala Canal Wellawatta bifurcation to Dehiwala Outfall 3.88 Km
4 Bolgoda Canal Dehiwala bifurcation to Prathibimbarama Road Bridge 4.20 Km

Dehiwala Canal Wellawatte Canal

Bolgoda Canal Dehiwala Canal (Gabion rectification work)

Dehiwala Outfall Wellawatte Outfall

Canal Sections
1 N1 Canal Lunawa Lagoon to end of gabion  section 1.83 Km
2 N1-3 Canal Kaldemulla Road to CGR police post 0.39 Km
3 S1 Canal Lunawa Lagoon to end of gabion section 0.20 Km
4 S2 Canal Lunawa Lagoon to end of earthen section 0.34 Km

N1 Canal N1-3 Canal

S2 Canal S1 Canal

Canal Section
1 Bolgoda Canal Saman Mawatha, Nadimala bridge to Lake 1 4.20 Km
2 Farm Ela Kirigedara Ela junction to End of Hill Crescent Housing Scheme 0.42 Km
3 Kirigedara Ela N1 canal to end of gabion section 1.02 Km
4 Badovita Canals Abeysekara Road to Lake II 1.92 Km

Lake II Lake III

Farm Ela Badowita Canal

Kirigedara Ela

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