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Off Shore Sea Sand

Off-shore Sand Pumping & Selling

Due to the recent growth in the construction industry,
the demand for fine aggregates is escalating
rapidly. River sand has been the most widely used fine
aggregates in Sri Lanka and over-exploitation of
river sand to meet the demand has led to various harmful
consequences such as increase in the depth of
the river bed, lowering of the water table, and
salinity intrusion into the rivers. Because of these
environmental problems, there is a necessity to restrict
river sand mining especially at vulnerable
locations. As a remedial measure, the government imposes
various restrictions on the extraction of river
sand with consequent increases in prices. Not only has
this inconvenienced the users directly, but also
indirectly impacted on the overall stability of the
construction industry owing to concomitant increases in
construction prices.
A pilot survey revealed that individuals and state sector
clients seldom approve the use of shore sand or
offshore sand for concrete let alone reinforced concrete.
Further, the initial offshore sand stockpile lying in
Muthurajawela is exhausted and fresh offshore stockpiles
are being formed, but they require exposure to
rain. Therefore, further studies are required looking
into the suitability of offshore sand from different
perspectives. Since the potential environmental
damage due to offshore sand extraction is far less
compared to that due to river sand extraction.
As a result of these restrictions, obtaining sand at the
required quantities at required times, is a major
problem for those engaged in the construction industry.
As a solution to this problem our corporation has
launched a project to release offshore sand to the market
with the reasonable price and as a service of protection
of envirenment and sustainability of construction industry.

Project Area

Main Project are at Muthurajawela and there are four sales outlets were established at the Muthurajawela, Mudun Ela Kelaniya, Nawala Kirimandala Mawatha and Attidiya.

Sand sales outlet Telephone No. Rate  per Cube
(Un Sieved Sand)
Rate  per Cube
(Sieved Sand)
Muthurajawela (Wattala) 011-3193130 Rs 6,000/= Rs 7,600/=
Mudun Ela (Kelaniya) 011-2908196 Rs 6,700/= Rs 8,300/=
Kirimandala Mawatha (Nawala) 011-2875336 Rs 7,400/= Rs 9,000/=
Attidiya  (Dehiwala) 011-3084465 Rs 7,900/= -
  • Sieved Sand at Muthurajawela – Rs. 6,900/- (Per Cube)
  • All prices are subjected to a GSMB (Royalty fee) of Rs. 385/- per Cube

Main Activities

  • Pumping of sea sand
  • Selling


Public of the western province, Major and minor contractors

Laboratory Tests Reports.

The main technical parameters according to Sri Lanka Standard 1397:2010; Specifications for Fine Aggregates for Concrete and Mortar and a comparison of results of laboratory tests pertaining to representative samples of sand are shown in the table below. Detailed results from above laboratory tests could be viewed at the bottom of this page.


Admissible Limit
according to

Test Reports taken from
Stock Pile
Stock Pile
Stock Pile
Fines 3.0% 1.18% 1.33% 1.31% - -
Water Soluble
Chloride ion
0.01% by mass 0.0005% 0.0005% 0.0004% 0.0004% <0.01%
Acid Soluble
0.20% by mass - - - 0.038% 0.016%
Total Sulphur 1.00% by mass - - - 0.131% 0.03%
Shell Content 15.00% by mass - - - - 7.45%

Extracts from BS 1397:2000



Test result from SLLRDC (Certificate No – EMT/PBD1702/170132)

Test result from SLLRDC (Certificate No – EMT/PBD1702/170125)

* Test result from ITI (Report No. SS – 1312154A)
* Test result from NBRO (Report No – WQ/2013/194)