Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation

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The Greater Colombo Area where you live is classified as “Wet zone”, which has an annual average rainfall of 2396 mm. Hence rains are experienced frequently which has resulted in filling canals and marshes with rain water frequently. Since there are only three outfalls to the Sea (Wellawatta, Dehiwala & Mutwal Tunnel Outlet) and one outfall to Kelani river at Nagalagam Street, the excess water in Greater Colombo area will have to be discharged through these outfalls. Although the Canal system in Greater Colombo Area has been developed under the Greater Colombo Flood Control & Environment Improvement Project,  unplanned and unauthorized filling of retention areas has contributed to the flooding in your area. This Corporation assures that these outfalls and the Canal system in Greater Colombo Area will function effectively throughout the year to reduce floods.

If it is a major canal or a minor canal maintained by the corporation (indicated in the plan.) Please inform us. If not please inform the local Authority.

Please forward an application to the local Authority. They will inquire about the minimum reservation to be kept for operation & maintenance purposes of the canal from this Corporation. Thereafter the Local Authority will inform you the minimum Canal Reservation to be kept without any construction.

If it is a canal indicated in this web page please inform the Corporation or the local Authority.